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Hi: My name is Dennis Wister and my site is a view only Gallery. As you are viewing the various stunning photos of Landscapes, Macro and photos in Black and White remember. Photography captures a "moment in time" that only occurs once.


After viewing you determine that you would like to purchase one please use the contact form below. And in your message body please include the following:

   Name of Photo

   Number of the Photo

   Size of print you would like (if you know)

To determine the Photo name and Number just click on the photo which will then enlarge. Below this enlarged photo you will see the necessary information. If you are not sure of the size email me with you question(s). I will respond in a timely manner.

I'm hoping that you like my photography, so please share my site with your friends and please click on the FB like button on the bottom of this page.

I have spent most of his life in either in northern or southern California.

I'm a self taught photographer, but have enhanced my style of photography through completing a course at New York Institute of Photography and attending professional seminars along with practical field experience.

By industry standards I am not considered a professional photographer, and this is only because my main source of income is not from Photography. I do however consider myself a professional and I strive for professional results in all of my work. 

What inspires me to create photographic images is quality of light, a blaze of color or just an arresting form.


My favorite phrase by Dorothea Lange:  “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still”

Expand Your Horizon

     Phone Contact Number:  209.238-3667

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